DC Department of Health

HCBS Strategies worked with Health Systems of Illinois (HSI (now eqHealth)) to assist the state of Illinois in building an assessment tool and resource allocation methodology for its 1915(c) waiver targeting medically fragile technology dependent (MFTD) children. The scope of this work also included developing a more objective and valid Level of Care Screening tool to determine eligibility for MFTD waiver services.


Illinois Medicaid Waiver Quality Management Review


HCBS Strategies conducted a project for HFS to review and make recommendations for improving systems for managing quality in Medicaid funded HCBS. We reviewed quality management infrastructure across nine different 1915(c) waivers and summarized the strengths and challenges for each in complying with CMS requirements and best practices. We also convened a working group of representatives from all of the waivers to review recommendations for improvements.